Aurora HDR 2019 Download for Windows 10,8,7

Download Aurora HDR 2018 for Windows and Mac OS – Aurora HDR is software to create High Dynamic Range photo effects. This app was first launched in 2015 by Macphun Software. The app can be used for both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. HDR image editing is a technique where you design the photo to solve the difficult lighting problem where shadows and highlights are dominant in the same image. This technique will create fanciful images.

The photos are more colorful and appear more eye-catching with this photo editor. HDR photos have long been developed a long time ago.

The technique will combine 2 to 3 more photos. In fact, the feature is available in DSLR cameras or you use HDR photo editing software like this app.

While the first software that has this tool has been made from 2007-2008.

Aurora HDR 2019 Download for Waindows
Aurora HDR

What is called the HDR photo? Technically HDR photo is made by three photos with the same object but has three photos with different retrieval.

One photo with the usual settings, one darker photo, and one brighter photo. All three are combined into HDR photos. Some HDR software has better algorithms and you can just use one photo to make HDR photos.

For example, Adobe Lightroom has its HDR feature but it isn’t as easy as Aurora HDR. So the Aurora photo editing software comes in as the best HDR photo editing.

Developed by Macphun and Trey Ratcliff, this app became one of the best HDR photo software. At first, the Aurora photo editor is only available for Mac OS only.

However, this year the Macphun Software develop this app for Windows OS.

Aurora HDR Features

The new version of this photo editing software is that the app will process the image faster. Moreover, it has polarized tools, image noise, batch process, radial mask, luminosity mask, advanced tone mapping, and more great tools.

Some Aurora 2018 features also add the layer and luminosity features.  You can save the images in many flexible formats such as use for Tif, Jpg, PNG or Single RAW format images.

Similar to Adobe Photoshop, this photo editor can add a plug-in and its plug-in is free. The interface is really easy to use.

However, if you don’t like the interface, then you can change the interface too

Aurora HDR 2019 Download for Waindows
Aurora HDR

More benefits from this app come from its sync setting. Because Aurora HDR is also a cloud computing-based app, then this app can perform the synchronization process for use on multiple computers.

In addition, users are no longer need to be bothered with upgrades and updates because the process will be done automatically as part of the Sync process.

The next benefit is a connection with Behance. The photo editor built-in allows you to connect directly to the site as part of an existing feature. So, you can share your HDR photos there.

The features in this photo editor are a polarizing filter, DNG file support, HSL panel, batch image processing, tone-mapping technology, blend modes for layers, radial masking tool, Hue-saturation-luminosity tool, automatic RAW color noise reduction, and advanced HDR tone-mapping adjustments. Check out the Aurora HDR photo editor by yourself!

Download Aurora HDR 2018 Latest Version

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